I’m Grete and I’m the designer and maker behind BGLASSbcn jewelry.

Like all of us I was born with a good dose of imagination and creativity and I have been lucky to keep it till my adult age. That might be because I always was carrying with me a sketchbook. As a child the sketchbook would always be on top of my backpack whenever I was going for a travel, it was my priority item.

Later on, all my studies was related to art having, among others, studied at Kir (Art School of Stavanger) and contemporary ceramic at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

In 1998 I moved to the, oh, so beautiful Barcelona (Spain) where I have lived, and worked my love for art ever since.

From ceramic to glass there is not really a huge step, and I learned a lot participating at a well organized workshop at “Fundació Centre del Vidre” in Barcelona, where they taught us how to create high quality glass art.

As a penniless artist in those days, I couldn’t afford any fancy materials to start my own investigations with the glass. I would pick old windows from the street that were left as scrap and used them for my projects.

I realized that what I was doing in fact was recycling, so today even if it would be easier for me to buy the glass, I continue working whith descarded window panes. It gives me a good feeling and satisfaction thinking that my jewelry is sustainable and eco friendly as well as being unique and beautiful.

The glass attracts me for its depth and clearness. It reminds me of ice but needs fire to be shaped. Glass as material has so many facets. It’s a very durable material with a high resistance to scratches and impacts compared to many other materials such as resins and plastic, just think of the marbles.

Mass production is not my thing, I love things that are unique the same as we are. I like to buy things that make me feel special and that make me feel…me… which I believe also is a way of expressing creativity.

My intention in every single jewelry piece is to create a genuine and unique piece of art. If I’m not happy with the result I continue working on it until I’m satisfied or simply discard it.

I love nature – animals, insects, plant life and people as a part of it – and those are my sources of inspiration.

Thank you for giving of your time to read this!

I’m so happy that you passed by 🙂